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Flannel Fleece

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Super Warm
Sherpa Fleece

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Over 3+ Million

What is The Oodie?

It is the warmest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery piece of clothing you will ever own. 

We use ultra soft flannel fleece paired with warm sherpa fleece so you don't have to worry about the cold. Some think it's a blanket. Some think it's a hoodie. Either way we know you're going to be cosiest in The Oodie.* Now the top rated wearable blanket on Facebook and Product Review.

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Buy one for your Bestie!

Whether it's your bestie's birthday, or you simply want to show them how much you love them - there's no better way than to surprise them in the warmest & fluffiest of ways. Order a design they'll love!


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Soft Flannel Sherpa Fleece

Vegan and cruelty free The Oodie's soft flannel sherpa fleece interior keeps you warm and snuggly through the coldest of winters. The added oversized hood and ribbed cuffs keep you toasty. warm and cuddly all of the time.

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Oversized fit

Lightweight, free-flowing and deliberately oversized, the Oodie moves with your body for complete freedom of movement. With an accessible oversized front pocket that fits all of you essentials, the Oodie is the perfect companion for a lazy weekend at home.

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Built for quality

The Oodie is professionally crafted to last many winters. Don't worry about tears - we know how to sew! Every Oodie is completely machine washable & care-free.


FREE shipping and FREE 30 day, no hassle returns for all EU orders over €50: It’s part of our Oodie 100% satisfaction guarantee (who doesn’t love that!?)

Only highest quality materials used: Oodie cuddle consultants source the finest materials from around the globe to make your Oodie. This guarantees your Oodie will give you years and years of buttery-soft comfort

100% cruelty free: We’re all about helping to make a more sustainable planet

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